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5 Star Amazon Review
"Well-written, extremely well-researched, scholarly collection of essays on what the author calls 'the greatest American novel ever written'. I tend to agree. This book is thoughtful, searching, and a pleasure to read. And it enhances one's enjoyment of the classic 1943 novel itself."

Understand Ayn Rand’s Work With Gurgen’s Writings

This site is dedicated to the scholarship of all of Ayn Rand’s fiction and nonfiction:

  1. The Fountainhead;
  2. Atlas Shrugged;
  3. We the Living; 
  4. Anthem;
  5. For the New Intellectual;
  6. The Virtue of Selfishness;
  7. Capitalism The Unknown Ideal;
  8. The Romantic Manifesto;
  9. Philosophy Who Needs It;
  10. And, more.

Accordingly, this site has bibliographies to all of Ayn Rand’s fiction and nonfiction; an Ayn Rand Scholars spreadsheet—with the name, contact, affiliation, abstract, and biographies of 188 Ayn Rand scholars who have written books, journal articles, papers, or have delivered talks on some facet of Ayn Rand and her scholarship—as well as a master bibliography on most major works examining Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism.

This website also has a blog, with videos of Ayn Rand’s public speeches, a contact form, where you can e-mail the author, a sample reference guide and essay books section, where you can read what Emre Gurgen has written so far, an Ayn Rand scholars spreadsheet, listing the works and people who have studied Ayn Rand, a book proposals section, where you can view, or download, summaries for Emre’s Reference Guides and Essay Books, and, finally, a CV page that links the author’s credentials to his scholarship of Ayn Rand.

Currently, this site has free samples and links to what Emre Gurgen has written so far. Please check back periodically for updates.

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